Posted on November 09, 2015
Wow where do I start.. We are so in love with Jessica Leigh's work its crazy! They are vibrant, fun and jam packed full of personality, plus they sell like actually hot cakes!
So lets get to know more about her..
Your style is so unique, how did it come about?
It probably evolved from tattoo designs from when I was tattooing. I think I have just translated simple ideas into a fun, bright, free style of painting. I also hated doing black outlines so decided to get rid of them all together and that's where the negative space I leave between colours stems from.
I don't like things to be perfect either, so any quirky misshapen shapes or bleeding of different coloured inks into each other, just stays how I painted it. I think it adds character.
How long have you been painting for?
wow I have been painting since I can remember. 
My mum put a paintbrush in my hand from really young age. I was always making things, painting, drawing..  I did every art subject available in high school, Then went on to do diplomas in Illustration, Visual art and Graphic Design. haha a bit of an art addict. 
We are just in love with your cactus prints, whats your favourite one?
oh I'm obsessed with cactus (like everyone) I think my favourite is the flowering cactus pot. 
You also paint pet portraits, do you have a most popular pet you paint?
Frenchies and pugs for sure. Their faces are so adorable! 
Whats the plans for Miss Jessica Leighs future?
To be honest I have no idea. I'm just so happy where I am at the moment and feel so damn lucky that I get to illustrate as a living.
I remember back when I was doing my diploma of Illustration and we would get lectured by amazing illustrators in the industry and get to hear about how they got to paint and draw for a living. That life at the time, just seemed so far out of reach. 10 years later here I am. :)
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