Posted on October 27, 2015
We are constantly mesmerised by the calming watercolour beauties created by our New Zealand friend mini Grandi Artist and want to share her story with you all, so you can fall in love too!
Who is mini Grandi Artist?
mini Grandi Artist is the artwork of Sophie Melville, a painter and mother and lover of the unexpected. 'The magic happens when I least expect'
Where did the name come from?
It means Little Grown-up Artist and was inspired by a quote by Picasso-  'Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one when we grow up'.  I have a degree in Fine Art but after graduating travelled for years and years and chased a life filled with snow rather than pursuing art eventually becoming a graphic designer instead. mini Grandi Artist was inspired by my desire to always want to paint but never having ( until now ) that fearless attitude to creating and living in the moment like children do.
Your fav, designing on a computer or by hand?
Most definitely by hand now.  I spent 12 years as a graphic designer and often struggled with the restrictive creative process involved with it but when I discovered drawing and painting again I quickly realised that my time infront of the computer was limited.  I love to walk into my studio blissfully unaware of what I might create.  I have a workbook filled with photos that I have taken of landscapes and colours around where I live in Wanaka, New Zealand that I flick through for inspiration and after deciding on a few to interpret I start to create, always in black and white and watercolour.
What inspires you the most?
The mountains and lake surrounding my home town. Every day I am privileged enough to enjoy the solitude of my early morning run that takes me into an elevated position looking out across the lake and mountains. In my admiration for their magnificent beauty I find wonder and appreciation and then I return home uplifted and inspired.
What does the future hold?
I am working towards a solo show at the Front Room in Queenstown next year in early March. It's called The Stillness Within and it's about finding the quiet place inside yourself to help acknowledge that we can't always change our life but we can change our relationship to our life (quote from the documentary all about the mind and body www.theconnection.tv ) I've discovered this through meditation and it has transformed my life to become balanced and filled with clarity but most importantly I'm happy and appreciative daily. I hope that my artwork evokes a sense of calm and tranquility through it's landscape scenes with it's feelings of crashing waves, shimmers of the lake as well as rounded mountains and islands.  
But before the year ends I will have all of my recent original works on paper available for the first time on my site as well as in the first week of November I will be releasing my new print range - The Indigo Series.  They are a development of my current monochromatic range but with a hint of indigo and are an extension of the clouds and water theme.  
mini Grandi Artist has been going a year in November and the direction it has taken me this last year is completely different to how I started out, but in the end I couldn't be happier. Creating art is what I always feared and now it brings me so much happiness and the ability to believe in myself, something I only hope resonates sub-consciously with my children. I can't quite believe I have actually created some pieces sometimes, when reflecting back on my artwork,  I can often think 'wow, did I do that?' ….. and yes, it only takes a little bit of belief in yourself to build more and more and then you are able to do what you love.
Thanks for having me Daisy Chain Store and supporting this little maker from NZ.
Beautiful photography by Bel Jones.
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