Posted on June 08, 2015

Nothing better then meeting young talented artists like London Forsyth. Oozing with creativity and vibrance, we can't wait to get to know her a little better..

How did your passion for art start?
I was born into a family of creative people. Most of my family paint, draw or take photographs. I was always raised to follow my heart and do what I felt was truly right for myself. I guess art was something I was taught to develop (if I wanted to) and appreciate, which I do immensely! Before I started school art was something I experimented with until my first art teacher thought I had talent and from then on I knew I wanted to improve and grow as an artist! 
Do you mainly work with watercolour?
I used to do realistic drawings, which was fun but I felt it wasn't my style. Ever since I used watercolour for my year 12 assignment last year, I loved it! I like to create realistic artworks with abstract elements and I feel watercolour allows me to do that! 
What does art mean to you? 
Well I am interested in philosophy, psychology and astrology and in my opinion art can relate to all three of these subjects! Art allows for the portray of human beings and human behaviours and for myself that is what I love most about art! 
Where can we expect to see London Forsyth in the future?
I'm not sure of where I will be but I know where I want to be! Ideally I would like to have created an online store, have travelled and helped people along the way. I haven't set my mind on a career yet to study but if in my career I got to create artworks or help others, I'd be one very happy person! 
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