Posted on April 21, 2015
The super lovely Kim from Neon Knot Designs approached me recently to ask if I was interested in selling her creations and I took one look at her master pieces and knew it was a  match made in heaven! From her dreamy colours to the high detail in her work, whats not to love. So lets get to know the newest member to the Daisy Chain Store family.
Who is Neon Knot?
Okay so I pretty much started out Neon Knot with just a small range of Macramé Plant Holders in bright funky colours, I did a bunch of local markets and fortunely they proved to be a hit! This gave me the boost in confidence I needed to keep on creating and now I have a few more special things in my collection including; Macramé Wall Hangings, Woven Wall Hangings and recently Statement Rope Necklaces which I'm having loads of fun with!! 
Where did the name come from? 
I think it's important to add interest & personality in our interiors and colour is such a great way to achieve this. I wanted a brand name that was relevant to my pieces but I think my love of colour was the main reason I chose Neon Knot! 
Out of all the different pieces you make what is your favourite to sit create?
My favourite things to create I would have to say are the Woven Wall Hangings. I find the effort that goes into them is always replayed ten-fold in the sense of achievement you get out of completing a piece. I will start off with a colour scheme in mind but the design generally just comes as I go along so the end result is always a bit of a suprise! 
How many wall hangings do you have in your house? I'm imaging a lot;) 
Ah yup I do have a few wall hangings up in my home at the moment.. I get a little attached to different pieces, so I actually have 4 hangings around the place (so far)! 
It's just something different to the usual things you'd hang on your wall, the texture and patterns in Macramé are perfect for a neutral colour palette while till creating interest. And the Woven wall hangings have colour as well as texture & pattern, so everyone's happy! 
Inspires you the most?
What inspires me? Well I find inspiration everywhere, I am a mum of two gorgeous girls and we get out and explore when ever we can. The beach is a favourite spot, I would say the sea is a pretty awesome inspiration and being a country girl I really enjoy it! 
My work space is currently in my kids toy room, which gets pretty hectic at times...I always say a creative mess is better then tidy idleness (that my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)...but at the end of the day when the girls are in their beds sleeping I can just sit and tinker away the hours, I really love it, it's almost therapeutic in a way. 
What does the future hold?
The future... well I've been working together with a local homeware boutique owner in my hometown on organising regular craft Workshops. The first one being a beginners Macramé class that is kicking off next month, which we are super excited about! 
I am doing a few custom designed pieces as well so that's lots of fun. It would be my dream to be able to continue to grow Neon Knot into something greater it makes me very happy to know that other people enjoy the things I have created, and that's why I keep making. It's not just a hobby to me it's my passion & hopefully one day I'll be as awesome as Natalie Miller...!  ( ; 
Here is a link to Kim's up coming workshops for you Mackay locals http://www.gypsyandthebowerbird.com.au/pages/workshops
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