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Posted on January 13, 2015
When we come across such talented people producing beautiful & unique products it just makes our job so fun! Tasmanian based Sarah is the creator of Sea Soul Studio and wow you need to check out her work and here is a little chat we had with her:
What prompted you to start the amazing Sea Soul Studio?
I’ve always been a creative; they are some of my earliest memories, making pasta necklaces and painting enormous murals on butcher’s paper that my mum would tape to the side of the house. I will always be grateful to her for giving my sisters and I those early opportunities to develop those aspects of ourselves.
  After a busy hospitality career and travelling up and down the east coast of Australia in my campervan called Madeline for a couple of years, I was pretty burnt out from working so hard for other people and was suffering ongoing wrist problems, 3 days before going under the knife to try and address my poor worn-out, inflamed tendons I decided NO! I wanted to give my body time to heal itself and in that time (away from coffee machines and commercial kitchens) I started playing with clay and to this day I am still smitten. It feels like the possibilities are endless, I have more ideas than I have hours in the day but clay is fickle and likes to crack, warp or just not be friends with the glaze. So it teaches you patience and letting go!  5 years on and I’m still learning and playing every day.
Is it a complex process creating printed ceramics?
The printed patterns I use to decorate some of my items are from Japan and are applied to the piece before the final firing, fitting them around curves can be a challenge! Once fired they become part of the ceramic. Other items are more textural and I use a variety of found and made items/tools to create different patterns in the raw clay.
Do you have a special creative space you like to work in?
I work in a converted shed at the bottom of our garden. Each morning I either go for a run or do some yoga, have my green smoothie then make a big, double shot latte and wander down to my studio. I pop up the roller door, find a soundtrack on Spotify and usually emerge 3 hours later when I’m hungry again!  I’ve just bought a second kiln and have my eye on a big slab roller so I’m making noises at my partner that we may need to extend.  3-4 hours of working clay is usually enough each day so then I turn my attention to our garden, go to the beach or spend a bit of time answering emails or photographing new products.
What keeps you inspired to keep creating new treasures?
Just over 3 years ago my partner and I moved to Thorne Cottage, an 1830’s convict brick and sandstone property across the road from a sweet jetty and beautiful bay in South East Tasmania. So many of my jewellery and homewares products are directly inspired by this coastal, cottage lifestyle and the history of our home.  We find lots of old bottles and china fragments; it is these amazing pottery relics that inspire me to create my signature blue and white pieces. We still have a campervan called Madeline, although she’s a slightly newer model, and at least every 2nd year we will take 3-4 months and just go for a lovely, long road trip. I always buy a new journal for each trip and by the end it is bursting with notes, scribbles, feathers, tiny pressed wildflowers and a good amount of sand! A new collection is often born this way.
What can we expect to see from you in the future?
There’s a salty old sea dog called Pete who lives around the road and he has a fabulous, rustic boat shed that I’m hoping to use for a photoshoot this year.  Also my neighbour directly behind us pretty much looks like Captain Pugwash and he owns a couple of wooden boats, he doesn’t know it yet but I’m lining him up to feature in the photoshoot too! Sea Soul Studio is a lifestyle and is becoming it’s own entity more and more every day. I just go with the ideas as they come to me!
Shop Sarah's work here Daisy Chain Store.
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