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Posted on January 08, 2015

We love discovering new talent that just ooze passion and creativity and that is how I'd some up the lovely duo that make up MrWolf&K Designs. So lets get to know more about their crafty concrete concept:

How did MrWolf&K Designs come about?

MrWolf&K came about when I kept harassing Fraser (my partner in crime and other half of MrWolf&K) to help me with new projects all the time. I love creating and arts and Fraser doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. When I started experimenting with concrete, I thought hey this is something we both enjoy (that looks half decent) and we can do it together! We kept at it until we were happy enough with our product to decide we could do this!


Where did the name come from?

It sounds silly when I think about it now but the name just popped in my head. Fraser is the wolf because he would always huff when I asked him to help me create some crazy new idea I had haha! Buuuut I knew he enjoyed it deep down. Then the K is me for Kate of course and I just strung it all together.

Is working with concrete hard (pardon the pun;)?

Working with concrete is fun because it can be used however you want! It's not hard as such working with it but it is hard to achieve the right finish you want. We experimented with lots of different types of concrete and variations until we found one we were happy with.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Our inspiration comes from everywhere. Our brains are always ticking overtime thinking about what we can create next. I love looking at new home wares and flicking through magazines and thinking right, how can I incorporate all that I love and make it ours! Friends come to me with ideas too, I have a few girlfriends that will say 'hey, this would be cool' and we're straight on it because it's great to get feedback on what isn't already in stores.

Whats install for the future at MrWolf&K Designs?

That is a good question! We have had such a busy few months, coming up to Christmas and we have just purchased our first house! Now that the silly season is over we are focused on getting our little business some good exposure with hope that we can grow it to a stage where we might be able to run it at home when starting a family.
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