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Posted on December 28, 2014
We just love following the work of local go getters and Luke Marsden is definitely one of the best around! He has just won 'Photographer of the Year' for the News Corp Australia Awards and even though I may be extremely bias since Luke just happens to be my brother, he is the most creative hard working photographer that will do absolutely anything to capture the moment. So I thought I'd ask him some questions so you guys can get to know him too.
What inspired you to get into photography?
I'm actually following in my father's footsteps. He's an amazing press photographer and he gave me my first camera and I haven't looked back. I saw all the the people he got to meet and the events he got to cover and I thought hey that's pretty cool, perhaps I could have a crack at that. You know like every day is different. Not bad, not bad at all.
What is your favourite photo so far?
So hard to say what my favourite photo is but if pressed I'd have to say it's actually one my beautiful wife took. It's a stunning image of our new baby Hunter laying on my arm. Photography is all about a moment in time and he's never going to be that small again. It's about emotions too and that one stirs a few for me. 
Who is the most famous person you've photographed?
I've taken photos of some pretty famous people over the years and I'm not sure how you would gauge who is the most famous but I think my portrait shoot with the great Roger Federer would be a career highlight. Even thought I didn't exactly nail the shots I got to meet a living legend and a true gentleman of sport. Oh yeah I got to photograph Barack Obama this year too. Is he famous? Haha. Anyway it wasn't exactly intimate. I might have trouble lining him up for a portrait session. Apparently he's quite busy.
What do you prefer photographing more, people or landscapes?
I like the both together. Location portraits are my favourite. Nothing works better than a cracking portrait of someone in their natural environment. I wouldn't say I go overboard with themes for shoots, I just try to capture a person in their best light.
What does the future hold for the amazing Luke Marsden?
I'm ready for anything. The future is what you make it I guess and your success is a direct result of how much effort you put in. Fatherhood has actually made me more organised and to an extent more motivated to strive for success.
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