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Posted on December 18, 2014

We are just so excited to have the amazing Simone Devine Jewelry in our store and to get to know more about Simone and her beautiful resin pieces we had a chat with her and here it is..

When did you find your passion for making beautiful jewellery?
Firstly, thank for the compliment that was slotted nicely into that question. I think I am driven by my love of accessories and pleasing colour combinations. Few things make me happier than when different shades look amazing together. I could / do play with colour for hours.
What is the process you go through to work with resin?
Here is where my boyfriend Scott comes in. We work together to create the jewellery and the majority of the resin work is completed by him. Before we started the brand he was a surfboard shaper and I worked as a visual merchandiser and stylist. One night he just said "I'd like to do something more intricate with my resin skills" so I suggested, expecting rejection, "what about jewelry". He replied "ok, design something" which was a surprise but a very welcomed one. 
To create the pieces I design Scott makes a prototype which he is able to make the mould from. All our jewellery is made from our own original mould. The resin and pigments is poured into the moulds and left to set. Each piece is then sanded by hand and then arranged and strung up on chain. 
Do you have a special creative space you like to work in?
We have a great house that is in that is surrounded by farm land in Freshwater Creek. It's a really grounding place to live and only an hour away from Melbourne. We create all the pieces on the property in the studio and throughout the house. 
I have a pink dresser where I display my favourite accessories, artwork and jewellery I have made for myself. I love working near it because it is just so aesthetically pleasing. 
What keeps you inspired to keep creating new pieces?
I really enjoy it. It's a nice way to spend your time and I'm proud of what we create. 
What can we expect from you in the future?
We are always exploring new shapes and techniques. This year we started our first Homewares range and we plan to expand the collection. We are also working on new necklace styles that will be launched next year. I think innovation is essential; it keeps the process exciting! 
Click here to view Simone's range on Daisy Chain Store
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