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Posted on December 12, 2014

Here at Daisy Chain Store we love to support local people creating a lifestyle doing something they love. Nikki from Veggie Moments is not only producing the most mouth watering treats, she is conscious of a healthy diet and saving our beautiful animals at the same time!

We chat with Nikki about her passion for delicious food:

How did Veggie Moments start?
It was actually not planned at all. I've always loved to cook. My mum taught me how to create recipes purely from what foods I enjoyed and not from a recipe book so I grew up creating dishes by just chucking things in a pot/mixing bowl and seeing what worked. Once you have a basic understanding of simple classics recipes it's so easy to twist them around into new delicious dishes based purely on your own taste. A couple of years ago I started posting what I had made myself for breakfast, dinner etc a few times on my personal Instagram page and was surprised with how many likes the photos would get. I guess this encouraged me to post more and more of my meals. It didn't take long for people to start asking for the recipes and one of my best friends Tess (ames_collective) suggested that I start up a separate page purely to post my meals and recipes. I actually thought no one would be interested in following so I didn't do it haha so after a few weeks she set one up for me, re-posting the photos I already had on my personal page and it just started from there! 

What is your favourite food to cook?
This is such a hard question because I love all food in general haha so it really depends how I'm feeling. I did grow up eating a lot of pasta in my family though and I think the love for it has stuck. The good thing is now there is such an array of healthy pastas available (rice pasta, quinoa pasta, mung bean fettuccini, black bean spaghetti) that it is so easy to enjoy a healthy version while still satisfying your cravings. I love experimenting with different sauces on the stove top or in my food processor, creamy tomato, chargrilled vegetables, homemade pestos, puréed pumpkin bases, mushroom and garlic... They're all so different and so easy to make clean and healthy. I'm not going to lie, I will eat your traditional, carby, gluten filled pasta any time it is placed in front of me too. It's all about balance haha.

Where can we taste your creations?
Up until recently it was really just my close friends who would be eating my food.... I love cooking dinners for people, taking dishes to bbqs and dropping off sweet treats like banana breads and raw cakes at their front doors so they could take them to work. If there was more than 24 hours in a day I would definitely still be doing that all the time... I love feeding people. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing haha. But my boyfriend and his 2 friends have just opened up a coffee shop Burleigh Social so I'm doing a majority of the food for there at the moment. I still have a full time job so things are pretty busy at the moment as each day consists of icing muffins etc in the morning and baking in the evenings but I really enjoy it and the positive feedback keeps me going. You can try different yummies there like raw peanut butter balls, spelt blueberry and white chocolate muffins, clean apricot cookies, raw paleo seed slice, overnight chia and berry cups, gluten free cacao & coconut slice and our mist popular item (although not 100% clean haha) spelt banana and nutella muffins... mmmmm!


What's in store for the future of Veggie Moments?
Maybe ask me again next year and I'll know haha. At the moment I'm just taking things one step at a time. I've had a few different ideas and offers thrown my way but I just want to take things slowly and see what the universe has to throw my way before I jump into anything. The boys are installing a bigger kitchen at the cafe next year so hopefully I'll stay busy helping them with that while finding out what part of cooking really holds my passion whether it's the actual cooking, the recipe creating or the sharing of what I do. I'm definitely still learning new things everyday, there are so many amazing healthy food bloggers out there who inspire me so I know my passion will continue to grow no matter where it leads.

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