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Posted on December 04, 2014
We are mesmerised by the talented Deni Paradise's hand stitched creations! We chat with the Gold Coaster to find out more:
Tell us about your yourself?
I’m a 20 year old freelance graphic designer from the Gold Coast. I like to look at a concept and try to give it my own twist, produce it and if I like it, I’ll continue to use that concept - If not, it's onto the next… I’ve started a lot.  Down the track I’d love to be able to find my niche and do that forever & ever. For now I am experimenting with as many different things as I can. 
How did the idea for your collection come about?
I started doing the hand-stitched pieces last year whilst I was studying. We were in the typography semester and I came across a really intricate embroidery piece on a design inspiration site that just inspired me to get crafty. 
What keeps you creative & motivated?
Positive feedback and discovering new mediums to work with. Once you get a new idea for a project/piece, the process of it is so exciting.
What is a must have while working on your pieces?
Music + a comfortable chair!
What can we expect from Deni Paradise in the future?
I’m hoping next year will bring big things for me as a graphic designer, as for side projects, I would love to get more into large scale paintings and stitch pieces. The more experimenting, the more I feel I can grow as a designer.
You can find Deni's collection available to purchase at Daisy Chain Store.
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