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Posted on November 10, 2014

Here at Daisy Chain Store we love with the amazing soy candles created by the talented Genna at Frankie Gusti, so lets chat and learn more..

Tell us about your collection?

About FRANKIE hmm....It's a collection of pieces that not only smell amazing and look amazing, but evoke the most beautiful memories. I would never use a fragrance I didn't like just to please the crowd. Scent is such a personal thing, and I have such a sweet connection to all 10 signature scents in our collection. Our sense of smell keeps us remembering past times and FRANKIE can re ignite those memories for you too!

What inspired you to start?

FRANKIE started between marriage and the babies, I wanted something that I loved doing but may also provide an income as a 'work at home mum'.   

What keeps you motivated?

Motivation is fueled by you. The customers, the stockists, the FRANKIE lovers. Having my product so well received and sought after has been absolutely amazing and motivating. Thank you all! 

How did the name Frankie Gusti come about?

FRANKIE GUSTI....such a random and 'too deep for a written explanation' name. But basically it's about connecting with the free spirit within.

What environmentally methods do you use in the creation of your products?

FRANKIE GUSTI candles are 100% soy. No nasties. No paraffin's. No additives, except for high quality fragrance oil. Soy wax is sustainably farmed, Eco friendly and biodegradable. We love the earth! 
What can we expect from you in the future? 
BIG HUGE AMAZING things for FRANKIE...that's what you can expect! Our FRANKIE essentials range will be set to launch in the next few months. As well as some amazing bridal and event packages. 
View the Frankie Gusti Collection online at www.daisychainstore.com.au


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