Posted on March 30, 2016

If your lucky enough to follow Rachel Kennedy Designs on Instagram, you will agree with me that I am super lucky to now be working with them and stoked to have them join our Daisy Chain Family. I'm in love with her freehand style writing, beautiful use of colour and technique and relaxed vibes she is flowing through homes across Australia. So lets get to know more about the dream team Rachel & Jarrod!

How did Rachel Kennedy Designs come about?

I had been working as a graphic designer for a little while and even though I loved it, there were definitely limitations following someone else's creative vision so I started to explore my own ideas. We were expecting our first daughter and Jarrod was keen to be involved in the business side so we decided it was the right time to see where it could take us. 

What inspires your beautiful work?

I love where we live. Coastline on one side, wetlands on the other.. I love the light and colour it produces and the way they shift over the seasons. I'm a pretty quiet person, but I love positive words and really believe they can influence the space and people around them.. So the combination of the two is always the goal.
Do you have a favourite piece in your current range?
I am quite fond of the new Love foil print.. it's just a little bit special to me.
How do you juggle being parents and running your own business?
Business and family can actually really compliment each other, if you know how to read their needs. Sometimes that looks like pushing back deadlines, other days mum's a bit boring because that all nighter almost killed me.. I really am so thankful that I have been able to do both, especially to have had that time with the girls while they were so little - I will treasure it always.
So what does the future hold for Rachel Kennedy Designs?
It holds being creative and sharing it with others, what that's going to look like.. we have no idea. 


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